What are blocklets?

Blocklets are reusable building blocks to help developers and community users to build things on ArcBlock platform. A blocklet serves one and only one purpose, reusability is the core design philosophy of blocklets. Reusability makes it easy to compose multiple blocklets to build a more complex application.

Blocklets comes in many forms, including but not limited to:

  • A starter template, from which a developer can bootstrap an dapp already connected to forge-powered blockchain within minutes
  • A full-featured dApp, with which a miner or community user can install and get it up and running quickly
  • A smart contract, which defines the on-chain pipeline of a business logic and can be deployed to forge-powered chains with one click

What is blocklet registry?

To help developers to find usable blocklets more easily, all blocklets built by ArcBlock and community developers are listed on blocklet.arcblock.io, which is a website built from ArcBlock/blocklets, users can search and view listed blocklets and use the blocklet with just one command, this website is called the blocklet registry.